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Peer Mentor training by the sea

10 Young Adult Carers from Powys and Ceredigion joined up to spend time learning from each other and taking part in Peer Mentor training. The Yacs formed as a group through play, exploration, experiences and sharing. The training was held at a bunkhouse on the West Wales coast and the group spent time exploring some local beaches in the time around the training.

Can you tell me one thing that stuck with you from the training?

Even when you are looking at the person they might not feel like they are being listened to without active listening
Using questions that open up the conversation and don’t lead people
I learnt a lot about body language

Can you tell me one highlight from the few days?

Going in the water and playing with seaweed
Spending time and learning with amazing people
Making new friends and eating good food and playing games
The crabbing from the pier. It was something I really wanted to do so I did it
Being in a different type of environment. It was a nice distraction from a difficult few weeks.
Going to a different place
Being by the sea

Would you recommend this to someone else?

These are important skills to know- I would recommend
I would recommend the area as there are so many beaches
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