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We Believe in Young & Adult Carers

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Do you look after a family member or a friend?

Then you matter too!

We listen to you, because each person and their circumstances are unique. We support unpaid and family carers of all ages in Ceredigion.


Some examples of the way Carers get support include:

  • Having someone to talk to who will listen and help work out a way forward

  • Accessing the right information – to make informed choices

  • Connecting with groups, activities, trips, other services organisations

  • Getting a break - replacement care (adult carers), activities and trips (young carers) or other ways of having a break

  • Supporting a life alongside caring - with education, work, social opportunities, health and wellbeing

  • Skills and training - for your caring role, for your own wellbeing and aspirations

  • Voice and influence - supporting carers to have their voices heard and to influence the organisations and services they use.

  • Counselling - free service for over 18s provided by volunteers

  • Funding - help to access grants, funding and benefits

  • Support with Hospital discharge, preparing for someone to come home from hospital and a new or changed caring role


To get support, or find out more,

call 03330 143377 or email


Gofalwyr Ceredigion Carers is a consortium made up of Credu – Connecting Carers, Carers Trust North Wales and Carers Trust West Wales.

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Credu also offers support to Young and Adult Carers in Powys (through Credu Carers)

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Credu also offers support to Young Carers in Wrexham, Conwy & Denbighshire (through WCD Young Carers)

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Do you look after someone with a health condition and / or disability?

Then you matter too!

Support we can offer :

Practical Information

Emotional Support

Peer support

Access to counselling/therapy

Adult Carers groups and activities

Short Breaks / respite

Get Support

Am I a Carer?

If you look after a family member of friend who is unwell or disabled, then you are a Carer. This might be your child / spouse / parent or other relative / friend. Carers are important to families and communities, which can be both rewarding and challenging in all sorts of ways, both practical and emotional.


We think Carers are amazing. We love to listen to you and support you with what is important to you in a way that works for you, whether you just need some basic information or if you want to work through some complicated challenges.

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Adult Carers

Are you an adult who looks after someone?

When you look after your child/spouse/parent or other relative/friend who is unwell or disabled… it can be both rewarding and challenging.

Credu is here to support you and offer practical and/ or emotional support. 


Our support is completely flexible around what you need and what works best for you.

Maybe you need someone to be a voice for you, or you need advice on a certain subject, maybe you just want to have a coffee and a chat, get in touch (link) our support is entirely flexible and is centred around what works best for you and what you tell us you need. 


We also organise various support groups/activities that you are welcome to join and connect with other carers in. 


We are here for you and to offer you a level of support that you are comfortable with  You can contact us, and you’ll get a warm welcome

Young Carers / Young Adult Carers

A young carer is someone who supports or helps to look after someone with a disability or someone who is unwell. 

We have a friendly team at Ceredigion that is there to provide you with information and guidance, to support you, to offer to represent you or speak on your behalf if you need help (for example with school) or to just listen to you and understand your situation. 


We understand how challenging it can be to support someone  whilst juggling so many changes in your life such as school /friends / social life, and just how important it is to have someone that you can reach out to to talk to or go to for help or advice.


We also organise support groups and activities and can connect you with other young carers who are in similar situations.


Ceredigion is here for you and will work with you to provide you with exactly the support that you need and want.

Three Friends

Ceredigion Council Carers Information Service

Carers Info
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Getting introduced to support

Find out more about referring and self-referring here 

Young Carers Card

Young Carers Card

The Young Carer ID Card is for Young Carers.

A Young Carer is someone who helps to look after a friend or family member who cannot manage on their own because they have a disability, physical or mental illness or are affected by substance or alcohol misuse.

You can apply for the Young Carer ID Card if you or the person that you care for lives in Ceredigion.

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Find out more about the Jointly Carers App here 
News & Events

News and Events 

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